Leasing & Financing Programs

A simpler way to use IT

Leasing is a simple and economical way to obtain the benefits of the latest technology without assuming the up-front costs, and risks, of ownership. Lease financing spreads the cost of acquiring business-enabling technology over part or all of the new technology’s life-cycle. The business case for leasing is:

Operational savings from enhanced capabilities plus reduced costs from:

  • labor savings
  • carrier cost improvements
  • eliminated maintenance and support costs
  • greater work efficiency
  • more than covers the monthly lease payment!

Leases can be tailored flexibly to meet unique business needs:

  • Businesses with great seasonal variation enjoy leases that allow skipped or reduced payments during light revenue months.
  • $0 deposit leases let the technology get installed and the benefits flowing before payment is due.
  • Technology Refresh leases allow upgrading or replacing equipment partway through a lease cycle – enabling organizations who prefer to utilize cutting edge technology to maintain great flexibility.

At the end of the lease term, businesses can choose to:

  • Return the equipment, and, if desired, sign a new lease for the most current, updated equipment
  • Exercise a purchase option and buy the equipment
  • Renew or extend the lease

Find out how our Leasing & Financing plans can help your business succeed.

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