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Information Technology has come a long way from the behind-the-scenes departments that purchased, installed and fixed telecom and computer systems. The group that used to “keep the lights on” is now a differentiator at the forefront of growth and innovation, orchestrating information flow, empowering operations and facilitating business mobility. The group that was once a cost center is today an important part of the team — even a profit center — as IT collaborates with other departments to keep enterprises competitive, to innovate and to grow. Of course, the group that was once charged only with keeping costs low is now investing strategically in infrastructure that enables nearly every aspect of business operations.

It’s no wonder that choosing the right partner to take technology infrastructure to the next level is more important than ever.

Introducing iNetworks’ Cloud-based Infrastructure Solutions (powered by Terremark)

Combining the power and flexibility of infrastructure-as-a-service with a decade-long track record of designing, installing and servicing integrated solutions, iNetworks delivers custom, turn-key cloud solutions that help achieve not only technological objectives, but business goals as well. iNetworks delivers network capacity, servers and facilities as services to our clients — instead of capital investments — then leverages government grade security protocols, telecom-standard operating requirements, service level agreements and guaranteed response times to take each cloud-based solution to the highest stratosphere of customer service. What’s more, our cloud-based solutions realize an average savings of 35% over legacy infrastructure expenditures.

It’s Computer Art, Not Science

This is no off-the-shelf offering. Rather, iNetworks approaches each cloud-based opportunity from a consultative perspective, partnering with clients to understand their business objectives before proposing solutions. These early stage assessments drive the design, provisioning and underlying support for each specific solution – more of an art than a science.

Then, thanks to provider, equipment and network partnerships throughout the industry, iNetworks has the capacity to evaluate the entire scope of resources as well as the flexibility to bring the best to each solution. These are not just best-in-class providers, but the ideal partners — or combinations thereof — for each business scenario. Best of all, iNetworks manages the entire solution for you, serving as your single point of contact at defined levels of service.

A Cloud Solution that Works the Way Your Business Works

Based on resources (not large and inflexible server units), iNetworks’ Cloud-based Infrastructure Solutions deliver a continuum of capabilities to meet business needs. We deliver technology (servers, network and facilities) that is simple to acquire and implement. Once deployed, the infrastructure is configurable, easy to use and available on-demand to enable business and deliver value to the platform.

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