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Laptops, tablets and smartphones are certainly ubiquitous; but has convenience reached a tipping point? With each device comes a new set of software, commands and security features to master, documents to transfer and contacts to input – and that’s just at start-up. Working between devices requires evermore file transfers and still lugging a laptop between office and home. Now, true convenience? That would be a virtual, password-protected “desktop” accessible from any Internet-enabled device. Make changes in a document, hit “save,” and the most recent version would be available for updates later from a computer at home…or anywhere. Data storage and accessibility would be practically unlimited by the size or parameters of a particular device. Software and security updates would be implemented globally.

An Investment with Instant and Long-Term Returns

Conversion to an iNetworks VDI solution is fast and easy (typically over a weekend for minimal downtime) and maximizes IT dollars almost instantly by centralizing operating systems, software and data, and password protecting a virtual desktop for each user. Now, you pay for only the storage and accessibility that your company consumes, scaling up or down as seasonality or other factors dictate. There are no more costly compatibility issues, out of compliance desktops or labor-intensive installations and upgrades.

On a per-user basis, iNetworks’ VDI solutions deliver significant cost-savings when compared with legacy desktop systems. At start-up, a hosted virtual desktop costs an average 38% less than a traditional desktop over its first year of use* and saves an average of $500 per user each year thereafter.

Flexibility That Drives Productivity

From a productivity standpoint, the savings of an iNetworks VDI solution is even greater, reducing IT administration time by 40-60% over a traditional network. Where provisioning and release management used to take days or weeks, they now take minutes. Billing that was once cumbersome and capital-intensive is now subscription-based and reflective of actual usage. Employees who lost work-time due to system upgrades, security issues or device downtime have passwordprotected access to their virtual workspace anytime, anywhere, logging in from any portal to their “desktop” exactly as they last left it. Now that’s how iNetworks defines “convenient.”

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