Our company is 36 years old and we have used DMEtek for all of our technology needs since the late 1990’s. DMEtek has taken care of everything from teaching our staff members how to send an email to installing the entire network and telephone system in our offices in Evergreen Park, Illinois and in downtown Chicago. We strongly feel that our IT provider should stay on top of cutting-edge technology but; perhaps, more importantly they should be trust worthy. Our files contain highly sensitive information and we are fortunate to have a relationship with a company that manages that information accordingly. The members of this magnificent team work together like a well tuned, high performance engine. Each member of this talented and energetic group is well versed on our entire system so that either of them can quickly respond whenever we have an IT issue. DMEtek understands that “down time” equals money lost. I have recommended DMEtek to my clients, friends and family for many years and will continue to do so without hesitation.

A couple years ago, one of my most valued clients asked me to build a multi-million dollar teaching facility for his burgeoning business. As the project progressed and the building took form, it was apparent to me that our IT capabilities and Network structures had to match the dynamic new facility; both in design and in functionality.

The construction team referred an IT team for the project, but I knew DMEtek would be my choice for the project. They finished the project on budget and on time. My client was impressed and I gained new respect from the construction team. It was a pleasure working with a company like DMEtek. I got what I bargained for: a company I can trust to make me look good in my projects.

District 133 started working with DMEtek in December 2009. DMEtek installs, maintains and troubleshoots the districts network services. Their qualified technicians keep us on the cutting edge with their knowledge of current technologies. DMEtek is helping us broaden our range of network advantages by incorporating advanced policies and permission through Active Directories. This is a list of other services they have accomplished at the district.

  • Averted a near catastrophe by restoring from backup when we had a double server failure
  • Installed three servers onto one Virtual Server
  • Setup scripts to automate application installs onto client computers
  • Configured, maintain, and troubleshoot all network devices, includingDHCP Server
  • DNS Server
  • Web Server
  • Exchange servers
  • CipaFilter Firewall
  • Cisco Switches and Router
  • Back Up (on and off location)
  • Network Printers and VPN   –  DMEtek’s consistent professionalism assures us the highest quality of service.

DMEtek’s commitment to excellence is evident in the services that they have provided to our Agency. Their team of professionals has been instrumental in the networking infrastructure we currently have in place. We have been extremely satisfied with the level of service they have provided.

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